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New Customer Registration

Please use our registration page to signup unless you are a customer within the State of Texas that has tax exempt status. In most cases this would be a dentist or dental technician that is involved in the business of manufacturing dental prosthetic devices.

For Texas customers only.

Directions for setting up tax exempt status with us.

1. Please fill out the Tax Exemption form, print it, sign it, and fax it back to us. Also, you may scan the document and e-mail it but the form must be filled out completely and signed. You will find our fax and e-mail on the contact page.

2. Go to our registration page and fill out all of the information.

3. When we receive the Tax Exemption form, we will setup your account so that it will be tax exempt.

4. If you want to go ahead and order without first being approved as tax exempt, then place the order and send the Tax Exemption form to us within 1 hour. When we actually process your credit card, no taxes will be added to your order.

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